Save the Herd!

The herd of wild horses in Alto, N.M., are estray horses that roam Sierra Blanca on Mescalero and National Forest land, as well as dropping in to visit some of the subdivisions, such as Sierra Vista, Sun Valley, LaJunta, Little Creek and occasionally Alto Lakes Golf & Country Club. For the most part, they are loved and welcomed. But sometimes not.

Since the horse are not wild, they fall under the auspices of the N.M. Livestock Board. You may adopt horses from the herd. This is the best way we can save members of the herd, yet denies them the freedom they have known in the past and the comradeship the herd provides them.

To institute change in the policy and protect the future of our magnificent Wild Horses of Alto herd, we are looking for comments and suggestions at or also here..

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HELP save the Wild Horses of Alto (WHOA!) herd

Friday, August 26, 2016

Herd in Trouble. Call to Action!

Large wild horse herd in trouble. One woman in Enchanted Forest has about 15 horses penned and waiting for Brand inspector to come them pick up and take away-FOREVER. Herd is at 119 Linda Vista. CALL governor 505.476.2200 and NM Livestock Board -  District #20 Area Supervisor- Troy Patterson 505.250.5956, Don Hatfield, Brand Inspector:  575.649.2758.

Raise a ruckus! Say horses are a tourist attraction. Say the are a part of our heritage here in Lincoln County (they have been around a long time) Whatever to stop this. Dianne Stalling knows and will write up a story for Ruidoso News, but it is too late for today's paper. Know any radio personalities? - get them in our camp and the news out on the radio.

OH no - 8/26/16 noon: just heard they already picked up 12 horses.  Only Stallion left.  

Stop them from being moved away from our area. Watch New Mexico Livestock Board website - Estray notices. For 5 days horses will be listed - then gone to auction.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Some new pictures

Mini Herd/Fantastic Five - some serious grooming going on.

Mini Herd/Fantastic Five - when that spot itches - ya got to get it!
Large Herd - Mrs. Fat and Sassy?

Large herd visits in Sun Valley

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Meet Augie up close

Photos by Mark Stambaugh of Weaver Real Estate

Brand new foal in the Large Herd in Enchanted Forest

First baby of August! Photos by Chris Long of Laughing Eyes Kennels, Nogal
Last year, same mare had her foal in August - a filly, so we named her Augusta.  This foal is a colt, so he can be August, or  Augie for short.

Tail swishing

Friday, August 14, 2015

Mini Heard in Sun Valley and Seirra Vista is growing!

Son of Rock Star (before Rock Star was gelded) Check out that shaggy mane - the same!
He's been given many names: Nigel, Studley, Rock and probably many more.

mini herd- the Fantastic 5
looks to be Fantastic 6 soon. That's her 5-month-old colt beside Kicker.

Also Kicker's offspring. She would be considered a yearling (between 1 & 2 yrs. old).
 She looks like a ghost!
stallion and the newest mare

Picnic anyone?

Looking for the refreshments for the picnic

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

3 months later - the babies of the large herd

Photos taken in August, 2015, by Mark Stambaugh of Weaver Real Estate 
All three foals, but Red/white-face foal posing for the camera

Black-tailed foal on right

White foal
Horses - the latest in yard art